Eastbourne teenager bakes for foodbank

29th November 2023

Emma presents donation to Karen

We’re regularly moved by the generosity, compassion and thoughtfulness of people in our community and that was certainly the case this week when 14-year-old Emma Freeman arrived with £175 worth of food donations.

The money had been raised by Emma at a bake sale of cookies, cupcakes and other treats at her school, Willingdon Community School.

A keen baker, Emma said she decided she had to do something to help following an assembly at school about the work of Eastbourne Foodbank. “I was really surprised by the number of people who have needed help and support from the foodbank and I just wanted to do something to help.”

Emma Freeman presents food donations to Karen Walker.
Emma presents the donations to Karen

She presented the large shopping load to the team leader of our Willingdon Trees satellite, Karen Walker.

Iain Luxford from Eastbourne Foodbank said: “This was a wonderful thing for Emma to do, and we are so very grateful. She organised this event by herself and must be a very good baker to have sold so many cookies and cakes!”

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